How to Use Chat GPT on Android and iOS

Living up to its hype, Chat GPT is the AI chatbot that has practically taken the internet by storm. From writing quick blog posts to working as a coding machine, you can do a lot of cool things with ChatGPT.

However, a huge limitation of this AI chatbot is that it can only be used through its website on desktop computers. So if you’re looking for a way to use Chat GPT on Android or iOS phones, we’ve got you covered.

This guide will teach you how to use Chat GPT on your iPhone or Android phone. Also, we will look at some Chat GPT-based applications and see if they are a good alternative to the original chatbot. So let’s get started without delay.

Use Chat GPT on Android and iOS in 2023

While this guide will teach you how to use Chat GPT on your mobile device, we will also detail how to create a quick home screen shortcut. If you already know how to do this, use the table below to jump to the appropriate section.

Chat GPT Official App Available?

It is worth noting that there is no official app for Chat GPT for Android and iOS devices. The only way to successfully run Chat GPT on a mobile device is to use a browser and visit the website. While this sounds inconvenient, it’s unfortunately the only way to use the features of a chatbot on mobile.

However, if you are still looking for an app, there are app developers who have created their own version of ChatGPT based on the official API. If you are looking for it, we have also listed a few selected Chat GPT applications that users can try.

How to Run Chat GPT on Android and iOS

Before we start, there are certain prerequisites that you must meet in order to use this AI chatbot on your mobile device. Before you continue, take a quick look at them to make sure you have them.

A Web Browser

While it sounds simple, Chat GPT requires a fully updated web browser to work properly. We will be using Google Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS. However, you can use any browser of your choice, as they should work equally well. If you encounter any errors, you can also switch to Chrome.

OpenAI Account Signup

To use Chat GPT, users need an OpenAI account, which is the company behind the bot. Luckily, OpenAI doesn’t charge you for an account and the process is simple. Just go to the ChatGPT website and quickly register an account. (Read the Complete Step By Step Guide for Opening Account) Keep in mind that you will need to provide a valid phone number as part of the verification process. When you’re done, keep reading. You can also go through the registration process on your mobile phone.

Chat GPT Login Account

How to Use Chat GPT on Mobile Phone

When everything is ready, let’s start by setting up Chat GPT on your mobile device. We’ll be using an Android phone for this demo, but the steps remain the same for iOS. However, follow the steps to use Chat GPT on Mobile:

1. Open any web browser on your mobile phone. We are using Google Chrome for this tutorial. In the address bar, visit to go to the official ChatGPT website.

Visit Chat GPT Website

2. You need to log in the first time you visit the website. So, click the “Log In” button here. Enter your email address and password and click Continue.

Login and Continue

3. You will now see a brief disclaimer about the tool. Just click “Next” and then “Finish” to access the Chat GPT AI Chatbot.

Instruction After Log In

4. You are all done! You can now visit the Chat GPT website on your mobile phone to ask your questions and chat with the AI bot.

Chatbot Answered Your Question

How to Create Chat GPT Home Screen Shortcut on Android Phone

While the process of accessing Chat GPT on your mobile phone is simple, opening the browser over and over again can be tedious. Therefore, we will help you create a quick shortcut for the Chat GPT app on your phone’s home screen. Follow the instructions below to do this on your Android device:

1. Click on the ellipsis (three vertical dots) in the top right corner of Chrome and click “Add to Home Screen”.

Add to Home Screen Button

2. Then simply rename the page to Chat GPT and click the “Add” button. The web page will be converted to a widget. So just click on the “Add to Home Screen” button.

Rename Widget

3. Now you can go to the Home Screen of Your Mobile and see the Chat GPT shortcut. Tap it when you want to quickly access the Chat GPT web app on your Android device.

Shotcut on Home Screen

How to Create Chat GPT Home Screen Shortcut on iPhone

Since the steps to visit the Chat GPT website application remain the same for both platforms, we skipped this one. However, the steps to create a shortcut on iOS are different, so we’ve highlighted them below. If you want to create a quick shortcut for Chat GPT on your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open the Chat GPT website on Safari Browser and tap the Share icon on the bottom navigation bar of Safari. In the menu that appears, scroll up and click “Add to Home Screen”.

Open Website and Add Home Screen

2. As before on Android Mobile Device, same as rename the name to Chat GPT and click the Add button.

Add Button on iOS Home Screen

3. You will now see a shortcut to the Chat GPT web application on the iPhone home screen. Use this the next time you want to quickly visit a website.

App Shortcut on iOS Home Screen

That’s it Here is a short and simple guide to using Chat GPT on Android and iOS devices. This will help you to get your answers quickly anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chat GPT Work without Sign Up Account?

No, Chat GPT System did not work without Log In Account.

Is There an Available Chat GPT Official Mobile App?

No, there is no official app of Chat GPT launched by the Developer.

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